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Hello Debbie,

Yesterday morning, I saw my hairless rat and she had dried up blood going from eye to nose on the right side. This was sudden, I didnt see it before. No falling over, no refusal to eat, etc.

Eye on right side is bulging with little white in center of cornea, but filled with light blood in rest of eye inside.. little plugged up dried liquid on right nose, which I keep cleaned up. Today, more gooey white, darker red.

Im questioning possible glaucoma vs pituitary tumor? Im thinking glaucoma since she hasnt shown any abnormal signs. She is a very active rat, and still runs on her giant wheel.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Shes about 1 1/2 yrs. If and when her eye pops, will she bleed to death? Or is it possible to stop the bleeding and do irrigation? Thank you

Hi Erika,
This is definitely not a PT. Bulging eyes is a rare symptom for a PT, and it is always both eyes. (It is a side effect of the PT stimulating the thyroid gland.) I don't know if this is glaucoma, but it is obviously something wrong with the eye. It could be from an injury, an infection inside the eye, or even (heaven forbid) a tumor.

I have not seen a lot of eyes that burst, but I don't think bleeding is a major concern. What usually happens is that the fluid inside the eye comes out, the eye just shrinks up and heals and then the rat has an abnormally small non-functional eye, which is not a problem. The cornea, which is what usually bursts, has very little blood supply.

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