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Photos of them both
Photos of them both  
Hi, I was wondering if you could help me, I recently bought Two Baby Rats not sure on how old they are, got them from pets at home.

This is the 3rd day i've had them and i've already had to clean them out, they stink so bad its making me feel sick, White-Fang does have loose faeces so i'm going to take them for their free vet check and mention this.

But i was wondering what I can do to reduce the smell? I've heard air purifiers can be good? can you recommend any good ones in the UK for a decent price? Itd be a big help as i really don't want to take them back but they are physically making me feel ill :(

I've wiped down their platforms and bars too but so far it hasn't helped much, the smell was only gone for an hour or two. Will appreciate any help

Many thanks

There are types of odor produced by male rats.  One is urine and the other is the male rat smell generated by male hormones.  However, if they are under 3 months old and still babies, the male odor should not be prevalent until they reach adulthood.  

If it is the ammonia like smell from urine, it can be controlled by the bedding you use.  Some is more absorbent and masks the smell better than others.   Commonly used good urine absorbers are aspen wood shavings or chips, or Carefresh, however for me personally, those are both too dusty.  The only one I use now is Vitakraft Eco Bedding which is crinkled brown paper, and is the only one on the market that is truly dust free.  It can be purchased at Petsmart, and other pet stores, or online.   Since males tend to scent mark with their urine more than females, their bedding should be changed more frequently.   You may even need to change it out Every 2 or 3 days or as soon as you smell the ammonia.  Changing it often also helps reduce the risk of respiratory illnesses which are common in rats, and often flared up by the ammonia smell.  In addition to changing the bedding, if you have fleece or other fabric hammocks or such in their cage, those will have to also be switched out and laundered well...I use a half cup of vingar in addition to the laundry detergent which helps eliminate the odor.

Now, if it is male hormonal odor that is making you feel I'll, there is less you can do about it.   In fact, the only thing you can really do to eliminate it is to have the boys neutered, which eliminates most of their testosterone, and basically, within. Few weeks, they will begin to smell like female rats, who basically don't smell much at all.   I have a neutered boy and he doesn't smell and his fur coat is soft and fluffy like my girls' no, whereas males costs are course and rough once they reach adulthood.  The other benefit of neutering is reduction of potential aggression when they reach adulthood,which will make it much easier to introduce new male rats to them should you decide to do so, say if one of them passes away, or if you just choose to add more to your mischief.

I do hope that these suggestions help you and that you choose not to give them up.

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