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Hello, we adopted a blind rat from Petco and they told us she cannot have a cagemate because the other rat would see her as inferior and try to kill her.  

However, the more I learn about rats the more I feel that Cookie should have another rat with her.  I am afraid to house her with another rat though because we would be devestated if anything happened to her.

Cookie is a delightful young rat, I suspect about three months old, though I do not know for sure.  She is sweet, gentle and very friendly.  We have had her only a couple of weeks...i have no idea how long she was at the pet store, she was small and is growing quickly.

What are your thoughts?

Karrell Miller

Hi Karrell,
The people at Petco are absolutely wrong!  Rats almost always care for cagemates who are handicapped. By all means go ahead and get her a cagemate. Get another girl rat about her size or smaller. I have instructions for introducing rats on my website at but it shouldn't be any problem at all.

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