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Hi again.

I have two male rats (brothers) that have grown up together since birth, but for the past month and a half they have been separated. The reason for this was a large wound on Cas's neck, which was seen to by the vet and has now been cleared up. Because we had no idea what caused the wound the vet advised keeping them separated, but this has made re-introducing them terrible. Before the injury, they never fought aside from play-fighting or wrestling, but I've tried putting them together briefly on my bed and after a brief period of sniffing they fight, even drawing blood. Any advice on how to best reintroduce them to each other would be helpful.

Ho Jess, I am not surprised that they don't remember or recognize each other as a month and a half is quite a long time in the short life of a rat.  That is equivalent to several years in human life!

They are strangers to each other now and you would have to go about introductions exactly like you would when introducing two completely new rats.  With males, it is often even harder as there is testosterone involved.

I am going to link you to my favorite website that I've ever run across regarding introducing rats.  Try following the many baby steps listed.  Be prepared going in that this may take a lot of time and patience on your part if it is to be successful.  It may takes, days or even weeks.

Be aware that there is always a chance that these boys may not get along even after you have tried all of the introduction techniques.   At that point, you will need to decide between two options...keeping each boy in his own cage for the remainder of their lives, or neutering the aggressive boy, or both boys if both are aggressive.

I hope that you will not have to resort,to the latter two options.  Have hope and patience and you may be pleasantly rewarded, as will they when they can reunite and live happily together. I wish you lots of good luck.  Please let me know if I can help you any further.

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