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Hi Irene I made it completely stupid mistake this morning thinking I could take a picture of my hamster next to my mouse, Bernie.  The hamster grabbed and attacked her within seconds she was ripped up pretty good :( As far as I can tell the wounds are all superficial, but Nasty superficial.  I'm assuming there's hi potential for infection here? Her tiny forehead is almost scalped and the underside of her ear looks pretty bad too - partially detached. Not a scratch on the eyes tho.  My question is, can mice be given Keflex??   If so what is the proper dosage for a little chubby mouse? It is the only anabiotic I have around the house right now and I cannot afford to take her to a vet.  I cleaned her up best I could with peroxide and packed the holes with Neosporin.  Any advice would be grealy appreciated, <3 Alexis, Bernie, DeeDee, Beatrice and Yemen - The naughty hamster.

Hi Alexis.  First, please accept my apologies for this delayed response.  You entered your question in the Pet Rats category, and, as I know nothing about mice, I reached out to my friend, another expert here but in the Mice category.  She took a few days to respond to me.

I hope your little girl Bernie is doing alright after you cleaned up her wounds.  If she appears to have an infection or if the wounds are not healing nicely, it would be ok to give the Keflex, as it is a broad spectrum antibiotic.  Just a drop is fine as it is hard to overdose on antibiotics.  You can give it with some yogurt or pudding or something else she likes.

I recommend you go to your local pet store and purchase Tetracycline for fish, which is a broad spectrum antibiotic, sold over the counter.  This way you can have it on hand for future emergencies.

If you don't mind, please let me know how Bernie is doing, as I am worried due to my late response.

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