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Hi there. Ive spoke many of times to you. My rat a couple of weeks ago was gasping and got steroids and amoxicillin injection. He was then ok for a few days and i had to take him back as he was struggling again so he got another steroid injection and hes on 1/4 tab 2xd hes been on them since january 2nd and got couple of days left. Hes going back to struggling again. Would another steroid injection help him again. Give his body the boost he needs. Ive tried everything the past few months and im not ready to give up on him yet. Hes still got some life in him yet.
Thanks in advance. I will get him appointment at vets tomorrow.

Hi Lyndsey,
What strength is the amoxicillin tablet he is on? You might need to increase his dose. I would also recommend he be put on either doxycycline or Baytril too to fight mycoplasma. Amoxicillin works for infections other than myco, but not for myco itself.

And yes, I often put rats with chronic respiratory problems on oral prednisone at a dose of 2.2 mg/kg twice a day. Rats can be on it long term without any problems.

Have you read the article about Respiratory & Heart Disease on my website at  It would also be good to print out a copy to give your vet.

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