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Hi, I am just wondering about my three small rat boys. There was lots of fighting going on so I decided to neuter the one that seemed to be most involved in the fighting. However, close to the neutering, maybe two weeks before? the other two got what I think was ringworm (the vet assumed it was ringworm as I had some on my shoulder) The vet advised me after the neutering to separate him from his two brothers so he didn't get ill too. It's been two weeks and I thought they would be fine together but the two ill boys attacked the neutered boy and bit him. I'm not sure what to do as I haven't introduced rats before- the five I have are my first rats. I am also wondering about the ringworm as the scabs and cuts on my rats haven't cleared up and are bleeding a little. The two together also fight a lot too.

Hi Beth,
Where are the scabs on your rats?  If they are on their neck, shoulders, face area they are most likely caused by rat fur mites. See the article called Skin Problems on my website at for how to treat them. You do not need to keep the neutered boy separate since he was exposed before the neuter.

As for the introductions, you need to start over as if he is a new rat. My website also has instructions for introducing new rats.

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