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Vet got all my money so I have to ask. Mina's eye appears to have popped...had the crusty red. it came off, eye is red in the light, no more ooze, but that swollen popped look..eew. She is on neomycin,polymyxin b sulfate and bacitracin ointment, 2 or 3x day and tobramycine drops 2/3 x day.  I want to start her on ammoxicillan...03mg 2x day..and a pain killer...she is not bleeding so not sure if I should go with ibuprofen, since it helps swelling...or Tylenol. dosage for just under a pound?
Can you help deside? Do they have to be infant drops? She is a bit itcy from stress..but other than that...until the eye happened..was fine. Now has a slight tickle in her nose, not really sneezy.Think just a stress tick...still happy and eating..just a lil calmer when out..but still talks to me by grindin her teeth. Will the eye need to come out? I did read no.

Infected eye
Infected eye  
Hi Kat, it would be so very helpful if you can send pictures.  If you happened to take pics along the way from the time she started to have problems with her eye through today, please send them.  Not sure how many pics you can attach to your follow up on this site, but send as many as you can that will show me the development of the problem through today.  If you didn't take any pics, please take one now, make sure it is close up and clear as possible.

Also please give a little more detail of the history of this problem.   I'll need to know about when you first noticed and how it progressed.   For example, you can say I noticed swelling 10 days ago, two days later, the eye was bulging, then the next day it opened and oozed blood, etc etc.   The more info you provide the better advice I can give you.  

Here is an article describing conjunctivitis which is not uncommon in rats.

Attached is a pic of a rat with an eye that has been badly infected...does your girls eye look something like this?

Please reply back asap.  

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