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I have 4 girls in a double story critter nation cage. One is the mother (Spice) & the other 3 are her daughters (Snitch, Bobo & Belle).  Spice had her litter 4 days after we got her & we have had her for 18 months now.

I have lots of hammocks & put assorted items in for interest. They are out for cuddles and play most days.

My problem is with Snitch.  She gets bitten to the point where chunks of skin is removed, & blood is drawn.  She looks skinned in the wound spots sometimes.  The wounds are mostly on her face, but she gets them on her flanks regularly.  I have taken her to the vet for one of her more serious wounds, & have an antibiotic cream.  This has been happening on & off for months.  I have separated her for a week once, but she got depressed & stopped eating.  I don't know who is hurting her.  She is the friendliest girl.

Can you make any suggestions?

Thanks x

Oh my gosh poor girl!  It seems like the only way you will find out who is biting her is to either stay up all night monitoring the cage, set up a camera to record the activity in the cage the entire night, or to put Snitch in the second cage with each rat one at a time for a night or several nights until you determine the culprit.

If you do find out who is hurting her, I would suggest getting another cage the same size as the original and move one of the girls who is NOT hurting her into it with Snitch, and let the other two girls live together in the original cage.   Of course, you should continue play times with all four girls allowed to play together every time, as you would be there to monitor the entire time.

Good luck.  I hope this all works out.  Let me know what happens.  Please don't hesitate to write me again if you need more help.

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