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I asked a previous question but can't figure out how to edit it. So I'm going to double check my math (cuz I'm awful @ it).

My rat is 3 years old so I'm making sure i did this right because he's nearing the end of his lifespan & I've already lost his 2 brothers in the last 2 months.

500mg cephalexin caplets
.3ml dose
1.25lb rat (.57 kg)
30mg cephalexin (half/kg 602)
4.8ml of liquid
Which would make .3ml/12hr

Is this correct? I'm not sure if my calculations added up. Thanks for your time!!

So I double checked what I put last message and the 15 mg/kg dose is when it is injected, not given orally, so the recommend dose is 60 mg/kg or 28 mg/lb. Because he weighs 1.25 lb his dose would be 35 mg.

Mixing 500 mg into 4.8 ml = 104 mg/ml. Therefore there would be 3 doses in a ml, so his dose would be 0.3 ml. So you did it correctly...good job!

Are you using the cephalexin because you don't have amoxicillin?

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