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i feel like i have been asking a lot of questions lately! i have tried not to but my siblings feed our rats stuff without checking the lists of safe and dangerous foods. this time it was raw beans from my brothers garden. they love cooked beans but this time he gave it to them raw. i looked it up after feeding it to them and saw that its on the list of thing never to feed your rat. he only gave them a little bit, maybe a quarter inch or less of a dragon tongue bean. how much raw bean is required to cause problems?

Hi Isabel.  No worries about asking questions.  I'm here for you when you need help.  I'm seeing your message a day after you sent it, so by now, if there were to be any ill effects of the raw bean, you would have seen it.

I'm not an expert in nutrition, but using logic, it seems as though the amount your rat ingested was minimal.  I don't believe a little bit of raw bean would be fatal.  If anything it may cause a bit of indigestion or cause diarrhea, thus loose or runny stools.  

Rats are very intelligent creatures, as you probably know.  Pet rats have instincts that are inborn from their wild cousins.  For example, pet rats will tend to run alongside walls and like hiding places and burrowing.  Why?  They were born in captivity yet these are unlearned behaviors most pet rats have naturally.  They are born with these instincts that are characteristic of their wild cousins because inherently, they are prey animals.  Well, one other inherent instinct that aids wild rats in survival is the tendency to try new foods minimally.  When a new food is offered, rats tend to take only a few nibbles, then wait a while to see if their stomach feels pain.  If not, their brain registers the smell and taste of that food as safe.  If so, they remember that it is bad for them.  

I would assume that enough wasn't invested to cause significant problems.   Let me know how she is doing now, a day later.  

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