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I just recently asked a question about my rats freaking out a lot more than normal and I think, from what you said, they were just scared since their running was definitely directed. These past couple days since their little freak out they have been seemingly freaked out a little easier but you said it takes a couple days to recover so I'm thinking that's what it is. So tonight my dad was blowing on an instrument that creates a deep vibrating sound and it seemed to be freaking them out so I brought them into my room. Away from the noise and I picked one up and she was vibrating. It was very weird but only lasted a little bit and now she seems fine. I looked it up and saw that it could be a mating thing but she has never done it before that I have seen and my two previous rats were females and they never vibrated so I don't know why she suddenly would.

Hi Isabel,
I'm glad you figured out the sound was bothering them. Good job!  Yes, some female vibrate their ears when they are in heat, and it can make their whole body vibrate. They don't do it all the time, which is probably why you haven't seen it before.

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