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I have a 20 yr old Amazon that I have been trying to rehome for about 15 months.  His previous owner died.  He is EXTREMELY aggressive.  I have tried everything I know to get him where he will step up or do anything.  All he wants to do is lunge and bite.  The bites are not getting better but appear to be getting worse.  But when you leave him alone, it's like he cries for your attention.  I am to the point of considering a new home for him.  I am at my wits end.  I have 4 other birds of different species (cockatoo, macaw, cockatiels) and do not have any issues with them.  What can I do?

-- Hi Judy.  Amazons are, I'm afraid, notorious for what you're seeing.  BUT not all hope is lost.  They are truly a loving, sweet bird if they bond with you.

Keep in mind that this poor bird has NO idea what happened, where his owner is, where his regular schedule is, his room, his food... nothing is the same and he doesn't understand why.

Can you imagine what level of hades this has to be for an innocent, toddler mentality?  

So approach him with kindness, gentleness, understanding and empathy.  Imagine a small child losing their parents and being ripped out of their home, sent to live with someone they don't know in a place they don't know... and worse, the people speak a different language!   Talk about terror huh?

All this bird can 'understand' is your tone and your facial expression.  And of course how patient you are, or are not

I have an entire guideline to help you through this here:   -- go to the biting and screaming part

Especially 'night whispering'

You CAN do this  

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