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Pet Rescue/Adoption/Assaulted donkey in Ocala, FL


Hi- thanks for volunteering. I donít know where to start or how to keep this short. A FB link is below with the event about this animal.

Iím an ARA in Jacksonville FL. Iíve been working hard to help a mini donkey named Doodle in Ocala FL since Sept of this year. She has been repeated raped and the problem Iím focusing on is Doodle herself now- the shelter she is at is refusing to donate her to a local sanctuary, instead trying to get money through adopting her. Shameful and heartbreaking.

With 6000+ activists on Facebook and a Care2 petition, Iíve been following everything about Doodleís rapist because when he was done the Marion County Animal Center (MCAC), they would be seeking legal custody of her. They lie when anyone calls saying they cannot commit to donating her to sanctuary, but they tell the media they will be adopting her out. Sheís hurt and young and needs special careÖsanctuary. Today this came to a head because finally MCAC was to have their custody hearing. NO ONE can get me any info. They refuse to say how much in fees a sanctuary could pay to take her. Now the time might be here to really seek the publicís help through local protests, but I need to know whatís happening. Ocala is an agricultural town and they donít have a respect for Doodle or her suffering.

MY QUESTIONS: What can anyone do to get Doodle donkey to sanctuary before sheís adopted out?
When will they start adopting her out? What am I reading hereÖdid the rapist Romero sign Doodle over to the county today?

Public Facebook Event Iíve been running

Doodleís original story on my blog

Thank you so much for any advice for me and Doodle,
Lisa Grossman

I'm sorry but I'm not familiar with this case, and it would be a little outside my area of expertise and jurisdiction since it deals with a domestic in the state of FL. My expertise is more so exotics and wildlife, however, I would suggest the first place to start would be the primary SPCA organization in the state, as I am sure they have their own placement partners, sanctuaries, and breed specific rescues they work with. If the animal is being held by a local government animal services branch and they aren't willing to transfer custody to another organization, then the only thing you could do is possibly file a petition (a legal one) in a court having jurisdiction in that area over that government dept, which would probably be the county civil or municipal court. Since you aren't a resident and have no real legal standing as a matter of possessory interest, you would likely have to file an amicus curiae brief. In that you would have to give your knowledge in the subject, point out the issues, and ask for a specific remedy to be considered as a favorable outcome. You can do it on your own, but having a lawyer is better for the layperson of course. It's either that, or place PR pressure directly on management of where ever the animal is currently being held, in order to sway their decision.

Hope this helps.  

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