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We just rescued a new dog she is a chihuahua corgi mix and has been doing very well adjusting to her new life. TOday my wife brought home students from the school she worked at and roxie had an episode. She was very standoffish which is different from her usual attitude. She appeared to be overwhelmed by all the students and when my daughter went to put her in the kennel because she was growling, roxie snapped at her and barley pierced her skin. None of us want to get rid of her but we are wondering what the next step is and if training is a a good option or if she just needs to be more socialized. What should we do?

Those are very nervous and not very socially outgoing breeds of dog as it is, and if she was an abused or neglected rescue, it just gets even worse. Your dog had a nervous sensory overload and was not being dominant aggressive, but she is what is known as a "fear biter". Socialization IS training, and yes, any rescue dog like this needs training with the help of a professional, but most of all YOU need training. These dogs don't just get over this sort of thing without the right handlers, and the ones most needing training is the family in understanding how to set boundaries and be consistent with the dog. If you do nothing, it will not get solved and may get worse. If you socialize and reward her properly (as well as appropriately correct her), and you are consistent, then she can possibly overcome this, but the most important key to the puzzle is you and your family and your consistency until she learns a new way to behave. She needs to be exposed slowly to new situations and be rewarded for proper behavior.  

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