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Hi,I'm currently being faced with a very stressful situation regarding behavior testing and this seems like the best (if not perfect) place to ask. I hope you can help me.

I am the owner of a ten-year-old neutered Springer Spaniel (Ziggy). Until a year ago, he lived with a neutered boxer of the same age and a cat. The boxer recently passed.

Until age 4 or 5, Ziggy demonstrated various aggressive behaviors, particularly regarding possession (of food, of me, of the house, etc.)

As he has aged he has mellowed out remarkably. He and the boxer formed a very deep bond and Ziggy was visibly affected by his passing. He is exceptionally friendly with people and welcoming of strangers we bring into the house. He used to jump at boyfriends who got a little too close to me, but now is either extremely friendly with them or simply ignores them. At a recent 30+ person party he had only met four of the guests, but absolutely reveled in the attention and didnt appear stressed or aggressive in any sense. This would have been impossible six years ago.

Recently, Ziggy bit a maintenance worker who came to our house. It was a highly charged situation (my husband and I were arguing) to begin with and the maintenance worker was an extremely large man (over six foot) wearing brightly colored clothing, a reflective vest, and a hat who entered the home very quickly. Ziggy barked once, rushed over, and nipped the mans ankle. He broke skin. He then refused to leave my side, so I had the worker step back outside and had to leave the room entirely to remove him. He followed happily.
This is his only bite.

The worker filed a report and now Zig has to undergo behavior assessment by the local animal control. Do you have any idea what I can expect?

Thank you

It is the law in most states that a bite case is isolated, tested and observed.  There are several temperament tests out there.  Ask which is going to be administered and then research it online. Most have food or toy aggression tested and some touching.  Past that, it just depends on the test.  Some are only a few pages and some are several.

Good luck and I hope for the best.

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I have worked and volunteered at an animal shelter and a no-kill rescue for over nine years. I can answer questions concerning 1.medicating 2.spay/neuter musts to network with other shelters and rescues, how to coordinate and organize rescue transports (sending animals from euthanizing shelters to no-kills). 4.setting up a prison dog program. 5.what is involved in"home checks" for other rescues. 6.In the past few months, I have been more actively involved in our cat house. It is a modular where the cats are free roaming. I can answer questions on how to set this up and clean. I can also answer questions on isolation and intake procedures. I can answer questions concerning ringworm in cats and treatment options. 7.I am also the volunteer coordinator and can discuss coordinating volunteer events. 8.I have implemented several programs such as "2010 - The Year of the Lucky Black Cat" and "Foster a Lonely Pet for the Holidays".


I have worked and volunteered for over nine years in an animal shelter and then a no-kill rescue. I have coordinated hundreds of transports that have sent over 4700 animals from kill shelters to safety in no-kill rescues. I have written an article about this topic that is on Best Friends' (in Utah)virtual library. I also helped implement a prison dog program at the local prison in which shelter dogs lived with inmates. The inmates trained the dogs which made them more desirable for adoption.

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I have an article that is on Best Friends' virtual library.

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