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"Hello and God bless you for what you do for the animals. To make a very long and complicate story as short as possiable, a neighbor moved and left behind 3 brothers.He told us he was leaving them, we told him we were taking care of my grandmother who at the time was bedridden with alzhimers disease and taking on these cats would be very hard for us, he could care less and left.  We stared feeding them, we always planned on taking them to the vet to get them checked out and them bringing them inside. Anyway, one stopped eating and to make another long story short he had a gallbladder infection that spread to his liver, you can only imange how much the vet charged us, my mom put it on her charge card and by God's grace he survied. His two brothers are still outside, he is now indoors,he tested negative for aids and leukemia, we want to bring his two brothers in but thier is a coulple of problems with that, a cat we feed showed up with a massive wound on his neck, we tried to catch him,even bought a trap, be he has not come by anymore. The two brothers have ate after him, so did out little cat with liver failure, but that was before he got this big wound. Our plan is to lock the two brothers in our florida room and take their stool to the vet to  check for worms, and them bring them in, but these cats have been outside all their lives, I am worried if we lock them in they will get stressed out and get sick if they don't eat because of fear from being locked in,  if we leave them out they could get sick.  I guess my question is can a cat who has been outside their whole lives be happy locked inside, we had to bring in their brother because he was sick and to tell you the truth I don't think he liked the outdoors but I can tell his two brother do. Sorry if this was a long story but me and my mom are very stressed out about all this and any advise whould be gettly appericated.

Wow!   Your family is definitely the "Mother Teresa" for these poor cats.  Thank you so much for taking on the responsibility and care of them.  To answer your question - I don't know if the two cats will adapt to indoor life but for their health and safety, it is worth a try. Start out with confining them to one room and then expand their territory.  If after a while, they still don't want to be inside, try to find a farm that will provide a food source and shelter.  Good luck and let me know how it turns out.  

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I have worked and volunteered at an animal shelter and a no-kill rescue for over nine years. I can answer questions concerning 1.medicating 2.spay/neuter musts to network with other shelters and rescues, how to coordinate and organize rescue transports (sending animals from euthanizing shelters to no-kills). 4.setting up a prison dog program. 5.what is involved in"home checks" for other rescues. 6.In the past few months, I have been more actively involved in our cat house. It is a modular where the cats are free roaming. I can answer questions on how to set this up and clean. I can also answer questions on isolation and intake procedures. I can answer questions concerning ringworm in cats and treatment options. 7.I am also the volunteer coordinator and can discuss coordinating volunteer events. 8.I have implemented several programs such as "2010 - The Year of the Lucky Black Cat" and "Foster a Lonely Pet for the Holidays".


I have worked and volunteered for over nine years in an animal shelter and then a no-kill rescue. I have coordinated hundreds of transports that have sent over 4700 animals from kill shelters to safety in no-kill rescues. I have written an article about this topic that is on Best Friends' (in Utah)virtual library. I also helped implement a prison dog program at the local prison in which shelter dogs lived with inmates. The inmates trained the dogs which made them more desirable for adoption.

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I have an article that is on Best Friends' virtual library.

I have bs in marketing retail from Ball State University in Muncie, IN. I have been certified in animal cpr, prison protocal, self defense and animal temperament testing. I have participated in webinars on ringworm and cats as individuals. I have attended seminars on feral cats and "More and Better Adoptions"

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