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My question is what is a reasonable adoption fee and when does becoming a selling cost? I've seen the fees anywhere from $75.00 to $600.00

Wow, tough question because rescues vary so much in their policies, and so do the expenses incurred by the rescues.

In my rescue, I typically charge my actual costs that I have invested in the dog itself. That would include transportation, veterinary care, spay/neuter, vaccinations, grooming, and any other medical care involved. This can range from the $75 amount (say the dog was local and already spayed or neutered, had its shots already, etc.).

The only time I can envision a $600 fee is if the dog had extensive medical care involved. It is reasonable for a rescue to expect to recover its expenses because most of us are non-profit and operate on our own money and the scarce donation here and there.

I hope this helps you somewhat. If you see a rescue fee that you think is too high, I would encourage you to ask the rescue to "itemize" the fee for you, explaining their justification for it.

Best regards, -Sheila

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