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QUESTION: So, my relative was watching my dog for a week, and she gave him to the pound, then another family adopted him. Is it possible for me to get him back? Thank you.

ANSWER: Hi Nacho,
I'm so sorry this has happened to you and your dog. There was a a news story similar to yours not long ago. First, I would contact the pound and let them know what happened. Your relative didn't have your permission to hand the dog over to them. Now if they are nice they will call the new owners and tell them what happened. If the family feels for you they may give you back your dog. (Which is how the news story ended) As long as you aren't a minor and the relative not a parent or legal guardian you have a chance of getting him back. I would definitely contact local news stations and newspapers and share your story. (That helps to pressure the pound and the family.) Also Google dog rescues in your area, breed specific rescues,etc. Tell them what happened. Most rescues have relationships with pounds and may have some advice for you. If all else fails, you will need to to speak with a lawyer to see if suing will get you back your dog.
Good luck,

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QUESTION: Umm, so my relative said that she put my dog in the pound, as a stray. Does this mean I should say that I lost him, or what. Thank you so much!

No don't say he was lost because shelters only have to keep lost dogs for a short time and can legally adopt them out. Just tell them the truth. Your relative was caring for your dog while you were away. During that time your relative gave the pound your dog. Do this soon, they will question the amount of time you waited from finding out your dog was given to the pound and actually contacting the pound. The more time the family spends with your dog the more they bond and won't want to give him up.
Good luck!

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