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"Our 5 year old border collie mix (rescued from a high kill shelter) just lost her 10 year old Mastiff mix pal.  We have had two dogs for a long time.  Roxie is spayed.  Today, we saw a 9 month old mix breed dog (rescued from high kill shelter)who was neutered three days ago.  We had the dogs meet on neutral ground and they got along well.  We brought the new dog, Dexter home today on a trial basis.  He is so sweet and affectionate.  There is no food or toy aggression at all.  Both dogs are getting along very well. Now that they are more comfortable with each other, he started mounting her. I realize that he was recently neutered and testosterone is still flowing; however this is a behavior I want to extinguish right away. How should we react when Dexter tries to mount Roxie?"

Hi Amy,
Thanks for rescuing your dogs :)
The easiest way to stop that behavior is a firm no and clap your hands. Or a water bottle and a squirt at him with a no as soon as you catch him. I actually had a cat that was neutered but still enjoyed sex. He focused his desire on stuffed animals and not other cats. But mounting isn't always about sex sometimes its about dominance. So I would want to stop the behavior too. Good luck and thanks again for rescuing :)

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