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I took in 2 baby chinese water dragons and had them for almost a year now they are almost juveniles they both indured a lot of harsh things in there past. They were neglected and abused and had a lot of injuries and was very sick. They are very healthy now thanks to all the money,time and experts that helpede out but now my grandmother is trying to make me get rid of them. Is there any form or something I can get saying I have the right to keep my 3 reptiles(agama included)? She has no right telling me to get rid of something I care and committed to and she doesn't care for her two dogs.
     *Thank you so much I didn't know who else to ask.

Hi Porsher,
First I want to say I've never worked with reptiles but it sounds like you are truly gifted in their care. I'm not sure about a certification for keeping a neglected reptile. The experts who helped you heal them would probably know. I know we have a wild animal rehab certification process. It cost about two hundred dollars and requires a seminar. But I don't believe your reptiles fall in the category. In Ohio we have started to license rescues you could check to see if they have something like that in your state.  Also if your grandmothers dogs are being neglected please call your local animal welfare organization to check on them. They will also educate her on their care. If you are a minor living in her home a certification of any kind may not make a difference because its her property. Good luck I hope it all works out for you. You have a good heart and very gifted with reptiles as they are very hard to rehab. Congratulations on your success.

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