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uncle duke wrote at 2014-08-26 16:53:02
The bite from one of those little guys will easily penetrate your skin and hit bone. I found out the hard way from one that was a week or so younger than yours. I couldn't believe the jaw strength. By all means gain the kittens trust first before anything else.

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Ruthie Augustein


Ask me anything about rescue and adoption. I've been involved in rescue for over twenty years. I have experience in rehabbing abused dogs, adoptions and rescue efforts.


I've run my own rescue for over twenty years. I have experience with timid and/or aggressive dogs. I have a 99% successful adoption rate. I am a hands on and out of my home rescuer.

I've written numerous (published) open letters to the local papers.

It's been a hands on experience. Though I have read and continue to read everything I can on the topic.

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