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A few weeks ago our daughter took in a feral cat she found in her back yard.  She took him to a vet who found the cat to be in good health and estimated his age at about two months.  As she has a cat of her own her aim was to put him up for adoption.  Now here is the problem.  The cat will not allow anyone to approach him.  He comes out when our daughter is at work, eats and uses the litter box.  However, as soon as she comes home the cat finds a place to hide and cannot be lured out. He will run from one hiding place to another an is hard to corner.  Any suggestion on what to do would be welcome.

Hi John,
You're daughter is awesome for rescuing this cat! To tame a feral you need to put him in a small room. Keep the litter box and food/water in the room with him. Include a few toys. Visit the cat in intervals and feed him a treat he really likes when you go in. This will get him to get near you. Depending on how often and how long you can spend doing this you will see him trust you and want affection. A toy on a string is a nice way to play with him without him feeling threatened.
Keep this up until he climbs on your lap on his own for a few visits. Then you can open the door and give him some freedom. He has to learn trust before you can adopt him out.
Good luck and thanks again for saving this little kitty.

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