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hello, My questions concern a stray cat I found and am feeding. he lives outside in an alley near where I live. I was thinking of having him neutered. What concerns me is
what happens physically and psychologically to the cat when he is neutered? As far as I can tell my cat is the only cat around in the alley.He does not have to fight any other cats for what is a limited amount of food.If I were to neuter him and bring him back to the alley would he be able to fight off any stray cats that come around that aren't neutered who might compete with him for food? would he lose his instinct to run from strangers? do you think he would gain weight?Do cats who are neutered roam from their homes(i.e. would the cat leave his alley?Also I was wondering if it would make sense to bring my cat to where my mother lives. the neighbors feed many stray cats there and I was wondering if my cat would fit in with the other cats which are mostly unneutered. Do you think he would try and get back to his original home(i.e.the alley)?
thank you for taking time to answer my questions.

Hi Marietta,
Thank you for caring for this cat. So many are out there in need and left to fend for themselves. It's a wonderful thing you are doing. Neutering actually prevents some cancers. They stop spraying for territory and fight less if at all. So it would be a good thing if you can get him neutered. Moving him to an area with other stray cats may cause a lot of fighting.

He could make a wonderful house cat once fully vetted. If you can't take him in you can contact local cat rescues. Just google cat rescue including your area. Also humane societies take them in for adoption. Getting him off the street would be ideal.
Some animals gain weight after being spay/neutered but that isn't always the case. Being altered is actually very beneficial health wise.

Thanks again for caring for this cat!
Take Care,

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