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Hello Sheila!

I'm looking into fostering a dog from my local rescue group for a few weeks. I haven't had a dog of my own in the past, but I've dog-sat multiple times for my friends and family when they've gone on vacation. In these instances, the dogs have been trained well and are able to safely stay in my gated back yard for the 4-5 hrs that I am at work each day. However, when I bring the foster dog into my home, I don't know that I can trust him/her to stay safely outdoors without supervision while I'm at work. Do you have any suggestions as to where I should keep my foster dog for a few hours while I am away? I'd hate to think they'd be cooped up in a crate (especially if it's a large breed, such as a Husky!) Any advice is appreciated.


Hi Leah! How cool you are fostering! You are correct - you cannot trust a large breed dog in a scary new environment (it's always scary when they get moved around) alone in a fenced yard. You also can't chain them up. Alternative is to find a place indoors to keep them in shelter from the heat/sun etc so they are safe... but also somewhere that cleans up easily in case they have an accident (i.e. kitchen or bathroom or another tiled area). That's what I'd do. Failing that, your alternative is a very large crate where they have room to stand up and turn around etc. with food and water available. Your rescue you're working with may be able to provide you with one. Good luck!  

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