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I called the MAYO clinic and they had no idea where to direct me so I hunted the web and found this website and I have usually been more comfortable talking with nurses.
From an early age I found that most medications have no effect on me. Doctors in the past have said that it is due to the fact my mother did quite a few drugs while she was pregnant with me. Narcotics do not impair me in any way and do not relieve pain. I was on the maximum amount of IV dilauded for my various surgeries within a week and it began to lose all effects shortly after. Is there anything I can do? I've been to a pain management specialist and they said they couldn't help me. On a further note, I have NEVER smoked anything, done any drugs, and have only had 1 small sip of wine in my entire life


I know it took me a long time to answer you. I could not find an answer to your dilemma. The professional resources I went to said that your best option would be consult a pain management physician, which I realize you have already done. I do not know where you live, but if you aren't opposed to giving me your city and state I will try to find a reputable physician for you. Doctors differ, just like laymen, and sometimes you get a bad apple. Real pain management physicians are licensed and certified to provide pain control, whatever it takes. Most of them are trained as anesthesiologists, so they can prescribe drugs necessary to relieve pain, be it centrally-acting narcotics or even regional blocks such as epidurals, etc. There have been major advancements in pain control within the last ten years, and this is good for patients. Most of it had to do with prescription drug abuse, and patients who were "doctor shopping". Primary doctors are no longer allowed to give narcotics on a long-term  basis, but must refer their patients over to Pain management centers. I can remember a time when it wasn't like this. Patients would need more medication than doctors were prescribing, and often the doctors would simply "cut them off" of their meds, leaving them still in need, often with withdrawal symptoms. This, in turn, caused patients to desperately seek for medications elsewhere, be it doctor shopping, buying pills on the street, or obtaining medications by fraud or forgery. This still goes on, of course, but for people who are legitimately in pain, either short-term or chronic pain, they can visit the pain clinic and get proper treatment, which gives them their lives back, so to speak. Of course, with pain clinics there are rules, stipulations and contracts the patient must sign and agree to. If one is found to be in violation they can be discharged, but most patients who visit these centers are desperately trying to get relief so they can move on with their lives. I have said all that to say this: From your description, it doesn't sound to me that the 'pain doctor' you saw did a very good job of assessing your clinical situation. You can seek another one, of course. If you do this, make sure that you either obtain copies of pertinent medical records, or sign a consent for them to contact any physicians or clinics you've seen so they can get your records. Actually, since records can and do get lost, I strongly suggest obtaining them yourself. There is usually a small fee for a patient to get copies. You did not specify what type of pain you have, but I can assure you that pain centers which are legitimate, (many in Florida are not; they are operating just on the fringes of the law) will treat you with dignity and do what they can to help improve your quality of life. As for the extreme natural tolerance you appear to have to narcotics, a qualified anesthesiologist or board certified pain specialist will probably be able to answer your question rather quickly, hopefully without a lot of costly tests.

Again, I apologize for taking so long to answer. I checked out many resources and could find nothing that answered your initial question. If you would like for me to try to locate a reputable clinic for you please let me know, and I'll be happy to do so.


I wish to further research your problem, so give me a few more days. This is highly interesting. And, you are being honest when you say you have never used drugs at all? OK, I'll see what I can find. Give me a few days. I'll try very diligently to find an answer for you.


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