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One of my doctors has suggested that an occasional severely painful leg cramping at night might be due to my daily ingestion of lovastatin 10 mg. She suggested I switch to atorvastatin. My concern however is that atorvastatin is very much more powerful than lovastatin, and the lovastatin keeps my cholesterol in the normal range. I do not want to medicate myself more than necessary.

Do you agree that my leg cramping might be due to the lovastatin? If so, what is your opinion of my alternating my daily lovastatin with atorvastatin?

Urinalysis for myoglobinuria and blood test for creatinine kinase, serum creatinine and urea will help diagnose whether its actually lovastatin induced myopathy or not. If its statin induced myopathy, you must stop lovastatin. Pravastatin and fluvastatin have least incidence of this adverse effect, not atorvastatin.


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