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Pharmaceuticals/Difference btw Seroquel regular & the XR type?


Dear Dr.
For Bi-polar I am on Seroquel XR 400MG for about a year now, and take one once a day in evening. After recently getting restlessness in my leg I, (should have checked from my side of course) realized that the pharmatist gave me seroquel 400MG regular instead of XR during the last repeat. I am going to correct this today at the pharmacy.

But why do I get a horrible restless feeling especially in my left leg about half an hour after taking seroquel 400MG regular. Maybe because XR is timed release, unlike the regular one and doses over 12hours? It feels like all the nerves are twitching.



You have rightly said that XR is timed released and the total amount of drug goes into the system slowly over hours. Regular releases all the amount into the systen at one time and this overdose leads to adverse effects like what you are experiencing.


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