QUESTION: Hoping you are fine.
I want to ask about the eye goggles used in sterile area. What is the best way to strilize these goggles in order to be used by operators each time?

ANSWER: The answer depends on the materials of construction of the goggles.
The best is to sterilize the goggles - steam sterilization (if they can withstand this) or ETO sterilization (if this is available). The third and least attractive choice, is chemical sterilization - e.g. dipping the goggles in hydrogen peroxide.

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QUESTION: Thanks sir,  can we sterilize them upon fumigation of the sterile area (The goggles will be inside the area during fumigation), then the operator will disinfect them with alcohol before and after each usage?
(Note: fumigation is done every 6 months).


If the goggles can withstand the fumigation they can be left in the area during fumigation; but please realize that you are really just doing surface sanitization between each goggle use and also remember that the 70% alcohol that you use, unless 0.22 filtered or gamma irradiated, is going to leave bacterial spores on the surface of the goggles (to be trasnfered to your hands and then potentially to product).

I hope this helps,
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