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I believe that I had a slight addiction to using OTC nasal spray. I eventually was able to get over the constant use of OTC nasal sprays and was able to breath fine on my own. Recently though I got sick with a cold and opted to using again an OTC nasal spray. The next day after using it I feel the effects of my previous addiction. I'm worried that I'm never going to be able to use OTC nasal sprays when I truly need it, and that I've ruined my nose forever.

My question is will I ever be able to casually use OTC nasal sprays without feeling the compulsion to keep using them? What OTC Nasal Spray alternatives can I use instead? I've tried nasal decongestant but they don't seem to give the same effects as OTC nasal spray.

The nasal spray isn't addictive as drugs are per se, but the vessels inside your nasal passages get accustomed to the spray causing the membranes to shrink, therefore the vessels become "lazy" for lack of a better term. In that way, they are habit forming.
You could try the nasal strips to see if that will open up your nasal passages. An option which doctors like to recommend now is saline spray into the nostrils several times a day and especially  at night. In fact, doctors feel that the saline spray or drops can prevent colds by changing the pH of the nasal membranes. One on the market is Simply Saline. You may want to try that.


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