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Dear Dr.
what is the accelerated stability study for water loss for Drug products packaged in semipermeable containers, is it a 3months or 6 months?
it was recorded in the ICH Q1A that  A 5 percent loss in water from its initial value is considered a significant change for a product packaged in a semipermeable container after an equivalent of 3 months' storage at 40C/NMT 25 percent RH.

For water loss, at 3 month accelerated conditions under low humidity, a loss of over 5% is considered "significant" - but remember you need to provide data that the product is OK over the normal storage and shelf-life.

Having worked in Jordan and being aware of the desert climate and its low ambient humidity, this is a real concern. As 6-months is a better indicator of 2-years shelf life than 3-months accelerated data; I'd do my accelerated study for 6-months.

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