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Pharmaceuticals/aspartam limit in dietary supplements


dear  Anisfeld
We  have a dietary product of aspartame loaded on maltodextrin in a jar of 115 gm powder wt. Each 100 gm of the product contains 3.6 gm aspartame loaded on 96.4gm maltodextrin ( i.e., 3.6% ). As per WHO, the acceptable daily intake of aspartame is 40mg/kg body wt which is about 3gm of aspartame for a person weighing 75kg ( which is almost equivalent to the whole content of a jar ). The amount of the powder used as sweetener is variable according to the user's will and is taken by a domestic spoon ( which also varies from a kitchen to another ).  Is there any regulation that specifies an acceptance limit for aspartame in this dietary product to be 80% - 120% or 90% - 110%.

Depending on the country where you are selling the product there are local/national limits (sorry I do not have any numerical data on this).

As far as what the consumer does with your product by adding further aspartame - that is out of your control.


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