Patricia, Why is Buspar recommended for only short-term use as a treatment for anxiety? Thanks for your time.

Ed, my best guess as to why Buspar is used is because it is not addictive. It is not a benzodiazepine therefore cannot be abused, traded or sold. That is my opinion only. It is also not as effective as treating panic attacks or short-term anxiety as Xanax or Ativan. Doctors are still so cautious about being sued for prescribing addictive drugs, but if they took the time to get to know their patients perhaps they could prescribe the benzos properly, even if just a few at a time. It is pure misery to have a panic or anxiety attack. I understand that it may take Buspar up to a week or two to actually begin working. I could be wrong there. But, I'm giving you my rather blunt, to-the-point opinion on why Buspar is used as it is, even though it is hardly ever effective.


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