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Hello, can  a skin care product that is of 98% purity be used in compounding? Is there a difference between USP and 98%? Is 98% considered USP? Thank you

USP is a book of standards and test methods that are legally required to be used for products sold in the USA (and in other countries have consider the USP as their book of standards (e.g. Canada, Philippines, etc.).

If the ingredient that you using has 98% purity (and by this I assume you mean the assay value of the raw material), while the USP requires between 99 - 101% purity; then your product does not meet the requirements of the USP.

If your cosmetic needs to be registered as a drug (and Canada and the USA have different rules for this), be aware that if a USP grade exists for a raw material, your material must meet the USP requirements for quality (including purity) of the raw material.


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