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QUESTION: Dear Michael:
Can you help me with the desing of the airlocks for personal entrence to hormonal manufacturing áreas of solid products.
Thank you very much.

ANSWER: Dear Ronald:

To answer your question properly, I need to know whether:

a. the hormone production section is part of a facility that also manufactures other non-hormone products, or not;

b. whether the airlock divides the hormone area from the non-hormone area; or it is within the hormone area.

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QUESTION: Dear Michael.
Thank you very much for your aswer. In response to your questions.

a.The hormone production is a new facility. Distance 70 meters from the non-hormone products. This new facility is for oral solid products and injectable.

b.The airlocks in the hormone production áreas, are for entrance-exit changing room and materials air lock. Is correct use this arilocks or passbox in each área (granulation,mixing,compression,coating,injectable solutions manufacturinig, etc) what is the best desing for each.

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Airlock Design
Airlock Design  

The WHO has published an excellent guideline titled:

Technical Report Series, No. 961, 2011 - Annex 5 - Supplementary guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices for Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning systems for non-sterile pharmaceutical dosage forms. You can download this document from the WHO website.

Section 4.7.11, discusses airlock design. A "bubble airlock" will meet your needs.

If you cannot find this guideline on the WHO website, please contact me at and I will send it to you


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