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You've been kind enough to assist me in the past and I greatly appreciated your quick in-depth response. I have a different question now. I'm 67, an avid daily runner and considered in excellent shape according to my annual physicals, etc. I have "suffered" from acid reflux for many years and after several meds, aciphex became the only one that worked. It was important for me to stay on it, once a day, because a couple of years ago I was diagnosed with Barrett's. I have an annual endoscopy and all is ok. When refilling my aciphex 2 months ago I was pleasantly surprised when I was told there was now a generic-nice because aciphex is expensive.  I got the generic and continued taking one a day. Didn't notice any difference other than after a few weeks I occasionally had to take a gaviscon in the middle of the night. Last week though, after a little over a month on the generic i suddenly developed burning in my throat. I chewed 3 gaviscons without relief. I attributed this to the generic (not sure if that was a fair assumption) but immediately went back to aciphex. I decided to take it twice a day and and started 2 days ago. As of right now I've taken 6 regular aciphex. One in morning and one at night. I'm still having some burning in my throat and a lot of belching. All that to ask, will it take a little time for the "real" aciphex to kick back in? I'm aware that some generics may not be as strong so I'm assuming that was my problem.....thanks so much for your time.

Hi Don,
Sorry for the delay; I came down with the flu and it happened very quickly, knocking me off my feet!

There is a reason the Aciphex did not help as it should have. Perhaps it was because of the generic you used; why not ask a good trusted pharmacist?

I don't like to see patients on the drugs which are in pill form, because they work systemically, but in your case with the Barrett's it might be necessary. These drugs would be like Prilosec, Zantac, etc. There are many good ones on the market. Further, what does your dr say??

As far as answering your direct question as the generic vs. brand Aciphex, I think a pharmacist would be the best one to ask. That's who I would go to myself!

Good luck, Don. Thank you for the nice compliments. I try very hard to help questioners, and I  hope it shows!


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