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Dear Mike
I know as per the guidelines that some products especialy reconstituted ones should be monitored for their stability after reconistitution over a period that mimic the practice....
For a multidose product in the form of ointment or cream that is always opened by the user and kept for a time till used again then stored and reused more than a time....should it be subjected to an in use stability study??...If yes how and FOR HOW LONG should it be followed after first opening...wishing you all the best. M. Etman

The answer in a word is YES.

And, this is important, ensure that the USP or the Ph.Eur. "Antimicrobial Effectiveness Test" is performed at each stability time point. When performing this test, use the same tube of ointment at all stability time points, squeeze some ointment out for the test, seal the tube again, and at the next time point take a sample from the same tube (thus simulating usage of the ointment)

I hope this helps,
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Michael Anisfeld


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