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Hi I'm currently prescribed suboxone kalnopins and phentermine well I'm in relapse prevention and have passed over 70 urines since October well a drugs test just came back which was urine postuve for amphentermine salts they asked if I took adderall and I didn't. The only other things I took besides the 3 prescribed were benadryll melatonin Nyquil cold n cough for chest congestion. Is there any way it's a false postive? They won't retest it.

You need to go back to the NyQuil bottle and read the ingredients. If it has pseudoephedrine in it, then that can give you a false positive for amphetamines.  That's the only thing in the medications that you listed that are suspicious to me. That's why Sudafed is only available over the counter if you sign for it with a drivers license. It is frequently used to manufacture crystal meth! that's why Sudafed is only available  if you sign for it with a drivers license.. I'm sorry this is happened to you, it happens to a lot of people.
They don't realize all of the different medications and over-the-counter drugs that can be metabolized as  controlled substances.  Even Afrin nose spray can show up false positive for amphetamines. Most people don't know that. Unfortunately, a lot of substance abuse clinics don't realize it or don't care to realize it, because if you challenge a urine screen they usually count it that you have "used".  Nowadays many people's jobs are on the line with urine screens, so it's about time that these agencies come up to par.  They would much rather count it as a positive test or say that you have used, then to consider that maybe you have taken something that simply shows up as a controlled substance.   If indeed you did ingest Sudafed from the NyQuil maybe you can get a note from a trusted pharmacist. That's just an idea. The best of luck to you.  


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