is atomoxetine superior to amphetamines in treatment of ADHD?

Strictly speaking NO.  Strattera works for some patients - those patient with the smallest mental and chemical deficiencies are more often helped with Strattera than people with significant affliction.  It is commonly tried before stimulants simply because 1) it is still brand only so that means there are pharmacy reps pushing it to the doctors.  2) it is a non stimulant so it is not a Schedule 2 drug so doctors have less exposure to examination and oversight when dispencing Strattera.  3) Strattera is not recreational and has no appreciable street value - all stimulants can be used recreationally and have street value ~ $1/mg so there is significant risk for misuse and divertion.  Even parents have been known to take the medication slated for thier kids to use.  Also, because of the recreational value (and simply due to long term use) they carry the risk of addiction - certainly physical dependence.

Stimulants are more effective. They are cheaper (mostly).

Strattera is not a controlled substance.  It doesnt work as well as stimulants.  It works for mild to moderate cases and offers no recreational value and has no potential for addiction.

Be well.

Dr. Joshua


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