QUESTION: the propganda machine in atlanta georgia is churning out articles that long term use of benzos/like xanax causes cancer and you die sooner then you would if not taken any psychiatrist said this is bull,and not one study proves long term xanax harms the central nervous system.what are the real proven facts of long term xanax.?i read  never has been a study that proved long term xanax causes any brain damage

ANSWER: I have to agree with your doctor - there is no clinical or study data that I can find right now that shows conclusive evidence of long term use and damage to the central nervous system.  There is a risk of addiction and / or physical dependence with the drug which could be considered "damage" in that it alters the brain chemistry and receptor activity.  There is also diminishing returns over long term use - the medication will help less and less over the years.  The media likes to hype nonsense - years ago they link statins (a cholesterol drug) to all cancers - that turned out to be bull as well.

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QUESTION: thans for your intelligent,i  have  taken  xanax  every nite for 5 yearsi still dont put my car keys in the refregarator and dont go out of the house and cant find my y way backnow for the stupid question.for pain i take lortab 5-500 3 times a week.i also take 2mg xanax with lortabwill taking   lortab5-500 a week possible cause addition or danage to central nervoius systen i only takr it 3 tines a week

Three times a week using lortab has a very low probability for addiction. I am much more concerned about your very very long term use of xanax.  Natural healthy sleep is what you need - xanax can help you get to sleep and by now you are physically dependent on it without question but it is still not something you can use effectively or safely for the rest of your life.  It may be challenging and i encourage you to discuss options with your doctor for tapering off xanax and trying to encourage sleep through less direct methods. Valerian root can help with sleep, getting more exercise can help with sleep - look up sleep hygeine for more things about the way you sleep and your surroundings helping you sleep. It would be worth the effort if you only are able to reduce the dose of xanax - less exposure to medications over prolonged periods is better for overall health.


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