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Pharmacology/sudden stopping of statins


I was taking minimal doses of statins for years (atorvastatin or lovastatin, 10 mg./day) until about a month ago when I decided to stop. Now however I read that stopping suddenly could dangerously spike cholesterol levels. Is there anything I should do now about that?

There is no reason that you cannot stop statins abruptly.  However, there are plenty of reasons for NOT stopping statins.  Statins are not normally drugs that you ever get off of.  Unless you have become a marathon runner, a vegan or are on a juice diet you probably shouldnt be stopping your statin.  Why have you decided to stop.  They have proven value in lowering cholesterol related outcomes.  They are a clearly beneficial drug to take for any patient with elevated cholesterol levels.  I would be hard pressed to recommend that you stop taking a statin unless there is a good reason why you cannot take them.

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