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dr salman,i never had a seizure,but like others i  take8mg of gabitril for sleep.psychiatrists in atlanta ga prescribe gabitril for non-epilectics widely.yesterday i read a article written by dr teittlebaum.he is pain doctor quite well known,has published many books.he stated maximun dose for non-epilectics taking gabitril for sleep is 6mg.this thru up big red flag,thata a pretty low dose.there have never been studies on non -epilectics  taking gabitril.fda says 58 cases of seizures from people taking gabitril for sleep who were non-epilectics.thats not a lot but im starting to lean to get ooff gabitril and go back to remeron.appreciate your feedback/howard

Tiagabine overdose can cause seizures in non-epileptics, but a dose upto 8mg is safe. Moreover, different persons will have different response with the same dose and if you are taking this dose for quite some time without any adverse effects, its most probably quite safe for you.  


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