dr cappuccilli,every article on internet,which is practically worthless on any medical subject say ambien and lunesta are equal.if we did a little deeper on reliable medical journals we find that fda found no tolerence at 6 months with lunesta.ambien approved by fda for 35 and tolerence does info studied 36,000 people taking lunesta and found out only 2.42 out of the 36,000 got memory loss.ambien has much higher memory loss then lunesta,and rats fed ambien developed tumors.ambien was to chicken to do a valid 6 month study with fda like lunesta.i took ambien,you get a drugged sleep which does not compare with lunesta.only reason idiots take ambien is because lunesta is 10 times as expensive just tired of all wrong info

you information is skewed - all the animal trials are magnitudes of order higher doses than people take - so very little of that data is valuable at all.

Ambien effects MOST people by providing them with a good nights sleep.  Yes there are side effects for a TEENY TINY group of patients - but that is the same with ALL medications.  NO medication - not even tylenol or aspirin are risk free.  Even OXYGEN can be dangerous in high levels.  

You do not have to be an idiot to take ambien - respectfully speaking you dont have the fact straight because you are a layman and really dont understand how to tease out the valueable data vs the study driven mumbo jumbo.

In practice I have dozens - if not hundreds of patient who report very pleasant results with Ambien.  I recommend Ambien over Lunesta - because Lunesta is very expensive and simply speaking Lunesta is much newer than Ambien - evidenced by the generic availability for Ambien.

Lunesta simply doesn't have the long term data that Ambien does - I would expect from practical use that Ambien and Lunesta will have very similar long term data once the measures are in on Lunesta.

Finally - we (the experts) on this board are here to provide evidenced based information - if you want to crab about your theories - dont mask them as a question - take it to a discussion board and bash Ambien with someone else - that is a waste of my time.

The idea that you think what you have surmised from the internet is superior information than I am in possession of as a Doctor of Pharmacy with YEARS of practical experience is illogical.  


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