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aboiut 6 months ago cbs tv put out  by some unscientific outfit called scripps-howard.they stated use of ambien and lunesta raised cancer rates by 35

about 6 months ago a outfit called scripps-howard did a segment on cbs tv anbout sleeping pills.they claimed pills like ambien and lunesta increased cancer rates by 35%and shortened life span by 3 years.this ridiculous tv segment scared a lot of people taking ambien.i don't have access to clinical studies on sleeping pills.years ago they claimed Xanax caused central nervous system damage,which not one medical report said it I correct that long term lunesta and ambien causes addition and no permeant harm to asking this question cause I want the right answer



The guide to ambien from the American Cancer Society does NOT provide any warnings like this.  They also do not list cancer as a side effect or adverse effect of the drug.  The American Cancer Society is constantly reviewing and updating risks related to cancer.

It is highly unlikely that a journalist or network would be more equipped to evaluate and determine the risks of any medication better than the American Cancer Society and the FDA.

Hope this sets your mind at ease.



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