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Pharmacology/Can I take a diuretic with Duromine 30mg?


Good Day,

I have just started taking Duromine 30mg but have a problem with water retention. Can I take a herbal diuretic with it? I only ask because the diuretic says it can not be used in conjunction with any blood thinning medication, and also I'm a bit weary about taking anything with Duromine just in case it has adverse effects on my heart etc.

Please help!!

Unfortunately there isn't any literature regarding the use of phentermine and herbal supplements.  You should consult your physician about the possibility of using a diuretic with the Duromine.  If you are using phentermine without a prescription and medical oversight you should STOP.  The medication know to cause dependence and to require increased doses even after short term use.  It is not valuable as a dietary aid unless it is used for very short therapy to get started.  I think this drug has a side effect profile that is too problematic for all but the smallest group of patients.  For very heavy patients (who are at the most risk for cardiac problems) the drug will increase heart rate and demands for oxygen.  Concurrent use of a diuretic will eventually ever so slightly thicken you blood - by reducing the total plasma volume - that will transiently reduce your blood pressure.  Herbal supplements are potentially dangerous because there is little to no regulation of them.  If you feel you need a diuretic consult your doctor about a quality controlled prescription drug (if he feels it is safe and effective therapy).  

Hope that helps.

imo - being heavy (unless you are VERY heavy) is safer than using phentermine for weight loss.



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