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QUESTION: I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me with this 80 so I have to be careful because drugs   stay in my system longer psychiatrist took me  off lunesta  3mg and  told m me to  take ambien  20 ambien at  bed withouy  xanaxi  I don't know  if 80 year ass could get rid of ambien amd at my  age 20mn is to high a dose for  my age was thimking of remeron  but the manfacturers warning  said6% of peoplr taking remeron   will bring  themr 500  unitsof trygliderides    levels can gettheir tryglisereydes up to 500. theydid  not say stopping reneronmaybr the 20 mg of ambien id the bsst for mr.eagerly waiting your  answerr

ANSWER: Howard I am almost certain you have asked this and I have answered it before.  My opinion is still the same.  Ambien is a good option and it is much less expensive  than lunesta.  Lunesta is considered by the Mayo Clinic to be safer over long term use so if your insurance pays for lunesta still you may want to stay on it - maybe lower the dose? Finally, remeron is a good medication.  I never recommend my patients read the side effect profile for medications because it makes you pre-sensitized to the affects you have read about.  Remeron is using my MANY people - like any drug remeron (and lunesta and ambien) are a risk to benefit ratio.  These medications are used by many MANY patient - in the future dont research your drugs as much.  Seriously most of the things you read on the internet are garbage or something taken out of context. Discuss your options with you doctor and your pharmacist - they will not lead you astray.

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QUESTION: you are right about reading side effects but merck the manufacturer has no info on reversal of trigliscreydes.they put on product information thst remeron can increase triglisreydes to 500 which  is dangerous level.i called merck medical info and they had no info on reversal of triglycerdes.if the manufactiurer of the product doesn't know if remeron increase in triglycerdes is reversal how the hell did fda approve this medication.i called 5 pharmitists about this triglycreydes they could find no info on reversal.i think before you put a pill in your body you should check it out.i did research on gabitril,and no hidden medical info gabitril is safe.remeron big red flag

Like I mentioned earlier drugs are evaluatex based on a risk-benefit ratio.  The FDA in approving the medication (which is a long time ago) they were saying that the side effect profile was acceptable based on the good the drug can do for the Larger number of patients.  All drugs have rare and potentially dangerous adverse reactions (even oxygen and water).  The vast majority of people dont ever experience these adverse reactions.  As far as having data on the reversability of the high triglycerides there is simply no ethical way to experiment on patients having that aide effect to determine that. It would require the use of a control group which received a placebo (nothing) for comparison and it would be unethical to knowingly give patients who are already experiencing an adverse reaction nothing.


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