I recently just had an infant death in the family. He was about 8 months old and was found laying under a heavy blanket. After the autopsy was completed, they had found xanax in his system. The mother tells me it was in the child's "mouth" but don't the doctors test body fluids for autopsy's? I am not sure of the exact amount of xanax that was found but I know his mother is prescribed 4 yellow bars a day. They so far have ruled the death "unknown" but I think it was caused by the xanax. Could the xanax have caused his death? Do you think they will charge his mother for the death of her child?

1) Yes - bars are 2mg - the highest dose and could be lethal to a child that old.

2) There is no way for me to speculate on the potential criminality of that child ingesting the medication.

3) I can say that there is no way I would fill a prescription for a child that age for Xanax - let alone 2mg.

4) Yes - the autopsy includes a tox screening of the deceased's blood and lymph fluids.

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