Jennifer wrote at 2009-01-18 15:35:23
I do not know what the meds were, but Hospice just handled my grandmother's death and it was clear that they were wrong in three different diagnosis (two doctors, one nurse) and told us she had pneumonia.  The second doctor stated that she was dying of fluid filling the lungs, when she was in the same condition for a year.  Morphine seemed their only answer- they kept saying that "die with dignity" phrase, yet my grandmother was so out of it she looked like a zombie in front of everyone and it was awful- I saw no dignity in that.

lost two parents to cancer wrote at 2013-02-26 19:57:43
My mom passed from pancreatic cancer also.  You mentioned that her stomach was swollen.  My moms stomach was swollen even before we knew she had cancer.  

The stomach swells because the the pancreatic cancer is blocking anything to pass through.  The stomach fills with bile and causes it to swell.  My mother would vomit it all up.  Towards the end she was in so much pain and the morphine was needed, She was also on the pain patch but when that stopped helping morphine was given.  Please do not feel guilty about your mom not eating or drinking.  My mom stopped eating and drinking months before the morphine.  It hurt her to eat or drink anything and it would cause her to vomit it right up.  Letting your mom sleep is what she needed.  The most important thing that you could do was to ease her pain so that she would not suffer as her body was failing.  When my mom was diagnosed she told me that she wanted to be pain free and comfortable.  You did what was right for her and I am sure your mom would tell you that if she was able to.  


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