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Pharmacy/darvocet and methadone relation


Mr. Mxyzptlk wrote at 2008-08-15 19:41:14
While each drug test has it's own level of accuracy and detail, they all share one thing in common; where opioids are involved, they never look for the drug itself, they look for the drug's metabolites created by the body. In other words, the tests look for leftovers. That being said, while it is not likely, it is feasible that propoxyphene metabolites could be chemically similar to those of methadone due to the fact that they are chemically-related synthetic opiates. If such a situation were to arise, depending on the quality of the test being administered, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that someone taking that list of medications tested positive for methadone. If I were you, I would first request that the physician's office use the same specimen and send it in for a GC-MS (Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry). With a test of that caliber, there is no room left for doubt. If the office is willing to have the same specimen re-tested, and you'll most likely have to make the initial payment, I would definitely take that route. If then the results still show positive for methadone specifically, and not just some random synthetic-agonist metabolite, then your mother-in-law is taking more than she claims. While I am no doctor, I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. I hope this has helped.

Dr.Fyre wrote at 2012-05-30 15:53:42
i am a doctor and i assure you darvocet will not show up as methadone on any drug test.However methadone does stay in the system much longer than most other opioids.

Dr.Fyre wrote at 2012-05-30 16:03:44
i hate to be the bearer of bad news but grandma is lying or used someone else's urine that had methadone in it b/c darvocet does not show up as methadone.Yes i am a doctor,so i know this.How old is grandma?Methadone is a dangerous drug and if you are not opiate tolerant,which happens when you suffer from chronic pain,it can be fatal even in small doses,especially when combined with other opiates,so you may want to have a serious talk with grandma.

poobear32 wrote at 2013-01-04 16:55:38
Hey, I am so sorry that this Dr has done this.. I study medication's want to be a pharmacist.. The 2 drugs I think that could have crossed over and showed as methadone would be the darvocet and even the Levo. Also this dr should have taken the urine test and send it to a lab they way the can actually tell what drug it really is.. I would be so upset with this dr. Cause false positive test happen more than you would think. And it's sad cause people that are taken there medications right it seem like they are the ones that get blamed for something they didn't do...God bless and I hope you find her another good dr.. You may e mail me at


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