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Pharmacy/Clonidine tablet vs patch - dosage


nicole wrote at 2016-03-06 15:48:28
well all i know is my son takes 3 pills a day, pharamacist had us try the patches instead. yesterday was the first day. he never went to sleep, i dont know if i like these patches. he has adhd and is also on methylphinidate, the clonidine helps him sleep and calm down a bit. the patchess didnt seem to work. i dont know what to do


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Barbara Judge


Outpatient pharmacy and general health. I have recently completed a Pharmceutical Care Certificate Program offered by Purdue University (Spring 1999 completion). I have personal experience dealing with terminally ill persons and their needs, as well as their families` needs. I graduated in 1984 from Pharmacy School and have been a Licensed Pharmacist since then. I have 18 years retail pharmacy experience. Prior to my pharmacy training I have 3 years hospital experience as a Nurse`s Aide.

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